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Ask King Mammon 3 questions

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Are you yearning for astute direction and illumination from King Mammon, the venerated divinity linked to fortunes, extravagance, profession, and attainment?

With this one-of-a-kind opportunity, you can pose three detailed queries per order to procure profoundly insightful and helpful counsel. Lord Mammon is known for his insight into the formation of wealth, inexhaustible abundance, and how aligning one's outlook, work ethic, and business dealings can lead to worldly success.

His perspicacity involves but is not restricted to, plans for accumulating affluence, relishing an extravagance-filled life, advancing in one's career, and erecting a successful venture.

Our practitioner boasts a deep connection with King Mammon. She will personally present your questions to him in his domain to acquire his astute guidance and replies tailored to your inquiries. I

In order to move forward with this illuminating process, I ask the following information: Your three particular questions for Lord Mammon, your full name, date of birth and a photo of you.


Ask King Mammon 3 questions
  • $130.00