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Can the magic spells and rituals be done remotely?

Absolutely, all our magic spells and rituals can be performed remotely, eliminating the need for you to visit us in person and allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own space. This is because the deities and our practitioner have the ability to locate your third eye and your energy field. To ensure the best results and to facilitate this connection, you'd need to meditate during the ritual. We will provide guidance on meditation, and we will arrange a convenient time for the ritual to be performed. Once the order is placed and we will be in touch to confirm the details of the ritual.

Will there be any product shipped?

Our magic spells and rituals are ethereal and spiritual in nature, and no physical products are shipped as part of the process. However, if you've made a purchase for a physical product, rest assured it will be shipped to you accordingly.

How do I know which ritual is best for my situation?

When making your choice of ritual, it's important to consider the specific issue you want to address. For relationship problems, we highly recommend obtaining a reading from a deity before making any purchase. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the problem's origins and identify the appropriate rituals needed for resolution. By seeking guidance from the deity, you can ensure that your actions are aligned with the solution and avoid wasting your money on ineffective rituals.

What will you receive after the magic spell is completed?

Upon completion of the magic spell, you'll receive a detailed report via email. This report will delve into the ritual's proceedings, detailing the changes effected, the transformations that will take place, as well as any messages or instructions conveyed by the deity involved (if the deity has decided to give you any message). It is your responsibility to follow the instructions to maximize the effect of the magic spell and not to interfere with the power of the magic spell.

When will the magic spell be performed?

The magic spell will be scheduled after the 48-hour cooling-off period. We'll always strive to accommodate your preferred time slots and provide you receive a 24-hour notice before the ritual takes place.

Do I have to do anything during the course of the magic spell?

Yes, as we confirm the timing of the magic spell, we'll provide you with detailed instructions on your role in the process. You'd need to meditate while we perform the ritual. Your active participation enhances the effectiveness and alignment of the spell's intentions. Detailed instruction will be sent to you after the cooling-off period concludes.

What should I do after magic spell is completed?

When the magic spell is completed, we will send you a detailed report not limited to how the ritual went, what have been changed, any message or instructions from the Deity. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions to maximise the effect of the magic spell and to maintain the power of the magic spell permanently.

Is there anything I can do to maintain the power of the magic spell indefinitely?

Yes, when you have performed a magic spell, there are some essential practices to ensure its lasting impact. These steps can help you maintain the energy and power of the magic spell over time:

1. Thought Control: Controlling your thoughts is crucial in preserving the potency of the magic spell. Negative interactions can counteract the positive energy of the spell. Instead, focus on maintaining positive and harmonious thoughts.2. Cultivate Positivity: It's important to cultivate a positive mindset beyond the initial casting of the magic spell. Embrace positive affirmations and avoid dwelling on negativity. The energy you radiate affects the spell's effectiveness, so infuse it with optimism and hope.3. Align Your Actions: Ensure that your actions align with your intentions set by the magic spell. Stay on a path that resonates with the desired outcome. Consistent positive actions can reinforce the spell's energy, helping it to manifest more effectively. For example, if you have performed a love spell, avoid engaging in conflicts or arguments with your target.

4. Inner Peace and Balance: Maintaining inner peace and emotional balance contributes significantly to the spell's longevity. Practice meditation, mindfulness, and self-care to harmonize your emotional state. When you're in a state of balance, the energy of the magic spell can flow freely.5. Trust and Belief: Belief in the spell's power is essential. Trust that your intentions have been set in motion and are unfolding as they should. Doubts can weaken the energy you've imbued in the magic spell. Nurture your faith in the magic spell you've worked.

6. Law of Attraction Amplification: Leverage the law of attraction to amplify the spell's energy. Maintain a positive energy field through gratitude and visualization. When you emit a clear and positive energy, you're more likely to attract the outcomes you desire.If you are keen to learn more, stay connected to my blog as I will write a comprehensive guide on maintaining the power of your magic spell. This upcoming article will delve deeper into these practices, offering insights and strategies for ensuring the spell's enduring impact.Remember, magic works in synergy with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. By consistently aligning yourself with positivity and your desired outcome, you can ensure that the energy and power of your magic spell remain potent and effective.

When will I see the result?

When it comes to results, the timing of manifestation varies for each individual due to their unique energy field, circumstances, and the distinct nature of their target. Each person including your target possesses a unique energy field, character, mindset, and more. This diversity is why instructions each of us receive from deities differ; they guide us to preserve the spell's power without interference, ensuring its lasting effect.After receiving these personalized instructions, adhering to essential practices becomes paramount. First and foremost, refrain from engaging in arguments with your target. Such conflicts can disrupt the flow of energy required for manifestation. Moreover, doubts can act as stumbling blocks, impeding the spell's efficacy. Rushing the unfolding of events should also be avoided, as it can create energy blockages and displease the deities involved.

Deities don't perceive themselves as subservient entities. They hold immense power and consider themselves beyond the realm of human existence. As individuals seeking their assistance, it's essential to approach them with deep respect and humility. This means embracing the process with a relaxed demeanor, nurturing unwavering trust in the divine forces, and remaining confident that events will transpire at the perfect moment. Overthinking should be replaced with a focused pursuit of your goals, firmly believing that the universe is aligned in your favor and that the deities inherently support your endeavors.It's crucial to allow the deities to execute their mystical influence and work their magic while being attentive to the signs and signals they provide. By adopting this receptive stance, you establish a harmonious partnership between your intentions and the power of deities at play. It's worth noting that deities, like any entity, prefer not to be rushed. By cultivating qualities such as patience, unwavering trust, and openness, you invite the manifestation process to unfold gracefully and seamlessly in its own perfect time.


How can I place an order?

Once you have fallen in love with an item, just add it to your cart by clicking on the “Add to Cart" button. Products in your cart are reserved for you only after you have successfully completed the checkout process.

Do you offer cooling off period?

Indeed, we provide a 48-hour cooling-off period for our magic rituals. This period begins from the moment you place your order and will be confirmed through an email notification. Please be aware that this cooling-off period does not apply to our products.

Can I reserve items prior to payment?

Unfortunately, we cannot meet all requests to reserve items. As many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited edition, there is always the possibility that items may sell out. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing swiftly in order to avoid disappointment.

I placed an order. What happens next?

After you've placed your order and your payment and shipping details have been verified, you will receive an Order Confirmation by email. Following your order placement, an email will arrive to confirm the initiation of your 48-hour cooling-off period. If you're eager to expedite the process, you have the option to waive this cooling-off period and kick-start the magic spell sooner. Alternatively, if you choose not to take action during this period, we'll begin preparing the ritual, including scheduling with the deity, after the cooling-off period concludes. We'll always strive to accommodate your preferred time slots, providing you with a 24-hour notice prior to the magic ritual. It's important to note that if you decide to cancel your order within the 48-hour cooling-off period, a full refund will be issued. If you decide to cancel your order within the 48-hour cooling-off period, you can do so by filling out a short waiver form. Clear instructions on canceling the order will be included in the same email that confirms the start of the cooling-off period. It's important to note that once this period concludes and we've begun liaising with the deity and preparing offerings for your magic ritual, the order becomes binding, and refunds cannot be provided.

How can I find the status of my order?

We will keep you informed about the progress of your order through notifications. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact us at


How can I pay?

We accept payment by wire transfer, PayPal, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

How can I pay by wire transfer?

Please make sure to specify your order number in your wire transfer and to always pay separately for separate orders. Depending on your bank, it may take between two to four business days until your payment reaches us.

Can I pay by credit card?

You can comfortably and securely pay with your credit card during checkout. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

What about PayPal?

You can also safely and easily pay via PayPal during checkout. At the end of the ordering process, you will be redirected to PayPal.


How are items shipped?

The Customer Care Service offers the expertise of logistics specialists who can effectively handle all transportation-related tasks on your behalf. For more information, please reach out to

How long will it take to receive an item?

Shipping times may differ based on your location and the type of delivery you choose, either standard or express. Once we have shipped your product, we will provide you with tracking details.

I need my order to be delivered fast. Can I book express shipment?

We completely understand that delivery of our one-of-a-kind items sometimes just can’t come fast enough. If you are interested in express delivery, please get in touch with us prior to your order at Please note that all express shipments are subject to a surcharge.


Can I return an item purchased?

Please refer to our refund policy in the footer section.

I received a damaged item. What are the next steps?

If you believe you received an incorrect, misrepresented, or defective item we do our best to process your refund swiftly. Please follow these simple steps:

1. Send us an email at that informs us of your wish to return your purchase. For speediest processing, please include your name, telephone number, order number, and, where applicable, photographs documenting the damage or error.

2. Once your request is received and approved by our Customer Service team, we will send you a printable shipping label.

3. Refunds will be processed after the goods have been received by the dealer of origin. You are responsible for safely packing and shipping the item back to the dealer.

For more details, please refer to our refunds policy in the footer section.

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