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I did being this ritual few weeks ago because my long-term boyfriend hasn't been very generous to me. It was one of my dreams to have an expensive Cartier. I was so happy and surprise when my boyfriend told me that he would buy one for my birthday and he did!!!!!

by Anna (Aus) 16 Dec 2023

Good result

I ordered the fast money ritual. After two weeks, I started getting more jobs as I am a freelancer, asked to take part in paid survey and i found extra 2k!

by Jessica (Aus) 12 Dec 2023


I purchased the obsession love spell a while ago. The girl I am seeing right now - she is a lot into me and she is very passionate whenever we are together!

by Tim (US) 05 Dec 2023

by Joseph (US) 11 Novermber 2023


I received 8K from someone who refused to repay the money to me 10 years ago. :)))))

by Angela T (US) 22 Oct 2023

I'm glad I tried.

I am glad that I tried. I was skeptical before, but I believe it now. You should try if you are thinking to do it.

by Angela T (US) 22 Oct 2023

It worked!

I bought a ritual, and it worked. Very glad with my experience and result.

by Anonymous 21 Oct 2023

Thank you Zara and King Mammon

I want to thank Zara for her help and her guidance. Because of that, I've made a good connection with King Mammon, and I got the job promotion I have always wanted. I will keep coming back, and she is my go-to person if I want any rituals done.

by Benjamin 21 Oct 2023


Saw result! It worked.

by Anonymous 21 Oct 2023


I had this done 6 months ago, and I've received blessings from King Mammon, including a job promotion. King Mammon has given me some really good advise about my career and how to make more money. Hail King Mammon!

by Benjamin 20 Oct 2023


After the ritual, my girlfriend is much more into me now and is a lot more attached to me, and I can see the changes. She wanted to spend more time with me, staying over etc.

by Anonymous 19 Oct 2023


I made a portal out of a diamond necklace, and I have been wearing the necklace every day for the past few months. My connection to Lucifer is so much stronger. I could receive his answer when I asked him what to do!!

by Anonymous 18 Oct 2023


I really appreciate your help......

by Anonymous 17 Oct 2023

Thank you for your help.

My life has greatly improved since I started working with the deities and Zara. I am moving towards my most successful path as per the guidance from King Mammon and Queen Lilith. I am very grateful for all the help and blessings I have been given. My relationship had gotten so much better, and it was finally stable.

by Anonymous 17 Oct 2023

The reading was mind-blowing.

Thank you, Sitri, for looking into my situation - providing the long-south answer and giving the solutions so that I can fix my problem.

by Chris Tan (Singapore) 16 Oct 2023

Very happy with the reading

I did a reading with Sitri, and the answer I received provided much more clarity into the problem that been bothering me. I took the advise. I did the ritual suggested by Sitri, and also took other actions I was told. I am feeling better and more relieved, and something was lifted from chest when I was meditating during the ritual. I had been feeling very depressed since my separation from my wife, and I look forward to heal from my emotional trauma.

by Chris Tan (Singapore) 16 Oct 2023

I can see improvement

I did this ritual because my throat chakra was out of balance and it was blocked. I could see that my confidence in speaking my mind had improved drastically, and my presentation skills improved!!

by Anonymous (Sydney) 13 Oct 2023

It worked!

I ordered this ritual to remove toxic colleagues and competition at work. It worked, and one of the girls left the company!!

by Anonymous 12 Oct 2023

I am very happy with the result.

I purchased a love spell a while ago and am glad it has manifested. My partner has asked me to move in with him!! I will definitely buy more rituals.

by Anonymous 3 Oct 2023

I now know my soul purposes!

I was glad that I did this ritual because now, I know my soul's purpose and what will make my higher self happy and joyful. Love it!

by Anonymous 11 Oct 2023

by Cheong (Singapore) 8 Oct 2023

This is the best experience so far

I have purchased some rituals from other providers. Zara is the best so far, as she was always happy to answer my questions, didn't just brush me off, and always responded to my messages. Fingers crossed, I am waiting for my result to manifest. I shall let you know when my result manifest.

by Lim (Singapore) 7 Oct 2023

Permanent Love Binding Ritual

The guy I liked very much had just asked me if I want to be in a relationship with him!!!!

by Nora L 7 Oct 2023

Well, it worked!

Well, it worked!

by Anonymous 3 oct 2023

Good Stuff

I am very happy with the result and service provided. Will shop again.

by Kelvin (US) 1 Oct 2023

Truly life changing

I never regretted my decision, and I have so much clarity now and have received so much guidance. My life has changed for the better in only ten months' time. Very very grateful.

by Anonymous 28 Sep 2023

Great Experience

Zara is very detailed, and she carefully explained everything I needed to know, she gave me tips on how to maintain the power of the spell permanently. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

by Anna L (Ireland) 26 Sep 2023

Just purchased my two rituals.

Look forward to seeing the results.

by Tammy 26 Sep 2023

Happy with my results.

Thanks Queen Lilith!!!!!!!!

by Anonymous 12 Sep 2023

I look forward to seeing the full manifestation

I did this ritual based on King Mammon's reading. My boss is a prick and has been giving me a hard time at work. He picks on me all the time. I can see little improvements already, so I look forward to seeing the full result. My boss is more supportive now, so fingers crossed. Thank you, King Mammon and Dantalion.

by Anonymous 12 Sep 2023


Thank you, Queen Lilith. I could see the difference, and I now have guys hit on me and approached me on the street, saying I am very beautiful. She gives me the vibe and aura I had always lack off.

by Anonymous (US) 1 Sep 2023

Great service

This is my third order, and Zara is genuine and kind. She always answers all my questions, and the power of the deities is very real and powerful. I am glad I found the solutions to my long-term problems. You should try if you have problems that have been bothering you and you couldn't resolve them yourself. Once you the result, you won't go back....

by Tina C 31 Aug 2023

Highly recommended

I have purchased spells and rituals from other providers in the past but didn't see any results. I was glad that I met Zara and her practitioner. What they do is a real deal and I saw results with the love spells I performed. My man is a lot more into me now and our relationship has been going well since then. I was amazed by the message given by the deity I worked with!! The deity did look into my situation and it was spot on.

by Jessica (Aus) 31 aug 2023

Great service

Zara is very helpful and she answered all my questions. The instructions given were very clear and detailed. She is genuinely wants to help and highly recommended!!! Magic spells worked and it is real. You will see results if you are determined and patient.

by Anna (Melbourne) 29 Aug 2023

I have peace of mind now

So, to cut the long story short. I wish I found out that I had a curse from my past life, which was attached to my current energy field in this life. That explains all the bad luck.... anyway, that would save me a lot of years if I knew. I removed the cure with Uphir, and I had this protection ritual done, and I know I will be protected in this life forever, and NO ONE is able to put any harmful hexes and curses on me. I used to worry when I go to Thailand or Vietnam, but I now know I am safe and no one can put any voodoo or curses on while I am travelling because it is very common in those countries.

by Anonymous (Sydney) 15 Aug 2023

Thank you

I have performed a few rituals with King Mammon through Zara. I could see the improvement and changes in my finances. King Mammon has helped a lot and I made some money in share trading so I decided to make a pact with King Mammon so that I could continue my journey to build wealth for myself. Hail King Mammon!!

by Steven B (Sydney) 7 Aug 2023

Good stuff

I just wanted to say thank you Queen Lilith, Kasikanderiara and Zara. The full results kicked in after a few months, and I was amazed by the 10 instructions the deities gave to me and asked me to follow. I followed those instructions as I knew those were the things my partner liked me to do and could keep him happy. Thank you, Zara, for doing the instalment plan with me as well.

by Anonymous (Singapore) 9 Jul 2023

Result came in after 4 months

I seriously think nothing can change my husband's behavior. There were times I thought of giving up...but lucky that I persevere. This is my third spell, and I saw result after 4 months of waiting patiently and following instructions from deities. He stopped using dating app and he is committed again. There is a lot more respect, love and attention toward me and our relationship now. Thank you Kasikanderiara and Queen Lilith and Zara, I couldn't thank you all enough.

by Elaine (Sydney) 7 July 2023


My boyfriend is a lot more attracted to me now, and I feel a lot more confident in our relationship. I find I am more witty and more seductive, I feel sexy now, and I can create the tension guys like to have....so good stuff

by Anonymous (Taiwan) 30 June 2023

It worked

Honestly, I was skeptical but I decided to perform the spell because I wanted to ensure I'd win the court case despite the low likelihood of winning and reduce the financial loss to the minimum. Before the ritual, I was asked to pay someone 60k, and the other party would not settle unless I paid her the full amount and she insisted to go on trials. Miraculously, the court case was postponed for no apparent reason by the judge right after the ritual performed, after 1 month, the women decided to settle and i was able to get rid of this court case with minimal financial loss by paying the women 20K. Thanks Azazel, and King Baal and Lady Fortuna. I am glad this is over now!!!!!!

by Jimmy V (Aus) 6 Sep 2023

My third eye was opened

I did the third eye-opening ritual 6 months ago. It was one the of best decisions I've ever made. My third eye was opened after the ritual and the ritual worked. I have so much clarity now, and I can see that my focus, my inner strength, the ability to make the right decision, and the way I think have become so much sharper, and stronger and i strongly recommend people open their third eye. It is not as scary as people would think.

by Lauren L 19 Mar 2023

I was glad that I did the reading

Well, this is a long story but let's cut the long story short. I had been having difficulties with my relationship for a while now. Caught my husband on dating apps several times and he acted weird. The reading unveiled the root cause of these problems and I took the advise from Kasikanderiara and performed a few rituals to fix the problem. I will write my experience about those rituals I did. I was glad that I knew the truth now and I could take the right course of actions to fix it.

by Elaine (Aus) 28 Feb 2023

Great customer service

Zara was very patient with me and she was very helpful. She explained everything I need to know. I told her what I wanted to achieve. I got a reading to gain insight into my situation. I got the answer, and I now know what I needed to do. Thank you!!

by Jimmy 31 Jan 2023