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Regret Love Spell

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Have you ever wished to compel someone to reflect upon and rue their actions deeply? Is there a person in your life whom you long to see burdened by remorse?

 Introducing the most potent regret spell, harnessed through the unparalleled powers of Queen Lilith and Kasikandriera. These entities are esteemed experts in the art of instilling profound regret within individuals for their past actions.

With this remarkable spell, you hold the ability to make the targeted individual genuinely regret their choices. It will evoke an overwhelming sense of remorse for their past deeds, causing them to feel contrite for their every action.

 To commence this transformative ritual, I will require your complete name, date of birth, and a photograph. Similarly, I will need the full name, date of birth, and a photograph of the intended recipient of this powerful spell.

 Prepare to witness a remarkable shift in the behaviour of your target. With this spell, you will make your target regret his or her actions, and he or she will start to feel sorry for their actions.

Regret Love Spell
  • $539.00